Add-On Courses are offered by various departments to the students during May and November along with their regular Degree course. The Students will get an opportunity to undergo additional Job-oriented, Short-Term Course to enhance their Technical Skills and Employment potentiality.

Dept of Computer Science

  1. Programming in Python
  2. Matlab

Dept. of Computer Applications & PG Dept of Computer Science

  1. Data Mining Using Weka
  2. Data Analytics Using ‘R’
  3. Matlab

Dept. of Mathematics

  2.  Operations Research Using TORA Software

P.G. Dept of Mathematics

  1. Operations Research Using Software Application

Dept of Biochemistry

  1. Phtochemistry
  2. Biostatistics

P.G. Dept. of Biochemistry

  1. Nanotechnology & its Applications

Dept. of Microbiology

  1. Nanotechnology in Life Science
  2. Phytochemicals in Complimentary Medicine

Dept of Chemistry

  1. Applications of Advance Chemistry

Dept. of Electronics Science

  1. Basics of Electricals & Electronics
  2. Basics of Electrical Engineering

Dept. of Physics

  1. Classical Mechanics
  2. Statistical Mechanics

PG Dept. of Physics

  1. Laser & its Applications

Dept. Of Hotel & Catering Management

  1. Bakery & Confectionery – Part I
  2. Bakery & Confectionery – Part II

Dept. of Psychology

  1. Life Skills Education

Dept. of Commerce & Corporate Secretaryship

  1. Career in Stock Exchange
  2. Advance Tally

Dept. of Information Systems Management

  1. Use of SPSS in Business Applications

Dept. of Business Administration

  1. Employability Skills
  2. Quantitative Skills

UG Dept. of English

  1. Innovative Writing Skills
  2. Technical Communication

P.G Dept. of English

  1. Creative Writing