Month & Year of Publication
Title of the Research Article/Book/Book Review/ Magazine Article
Name of the publication
 1 A.V.Radha March 2013 An Analysis on the Usage of Online Banking Services with Special Reference to Chennai City Research Explorer (International Research Journal on Multidisciplinary), 5(2), pg 8-9 ISSN: 2250-1940
 2 A.V. RADHA   March 2013   “Maniyosai – A Successful Self Help Group: A Study”   Jazym Publications   9789381521236
 3 D. RAMARANI   March 2013   
“Success of New Product Development: Demanding effort in Indian Industry” 
 Jazym Publications  9789381521236
 4 T. JAYASHREE   Sept. 2012   “Adoption of Internet Banking Services: A Study on Perception of Users & Non-Users     9788192046055