Shift - I
Name of the Staff
Month & Year of presentation
Geographic Level(National/International /  National
1 Mrs.S.Chandra Vathana Nila March 2012 National Conference Consumer Attitudes towards advertisement BMC ISBN 978-93-81430-42-2
2 Mrs. D. Lakshmi March 2012 National Conference A Study on the progress of Financial Inclusion in India BMC ISBN 978-93-81430-42-2
3 Ms. C.Kavitha  


Shift - II

2. KAVI March 2010 National Seminar Banking Innovation & Customer Enrichment Periyar University
March 2012 National Seminar "Management of Credit Quality in Banks" BMC ISBN 978-93-81430-42-2
September 2012   International Conference                         Innovative Infrastructure financing strategies in  India Hindustan College of Arts & Science ISBN 978-93-81208-11-3
September 2012 International Conference "Implementation of Strategy in a competitive environment" Asan Memorial College of Arts & Science ISBN 978-81-925286-0-1
September 2012 International Journal of Management & Technology Business Innovations in the Globalisation era A.V.V.M Sri Puspham College ISSN: 0975-3915