Shift - I
Name of the staff
Particulars of Publications
1 Dr.Hema Joe Social & HR Development Issues in Contemporary Business, International Conference, Annamalai University "HRM in Knowledge Era" ISBN 97881 83 712631
    Accelerating Economic Revival Through Innovation and Reforms - International Conference - WCC ISBN 978 93 80043 760
    "Attitude towards work and its impact on Turnover intention of Software Professionals National Conference" - BMC ISBN 978-93-8143042-2
    "Carbon Credit" National Conference" ISBN 978-81-9060422-2
    Gender Discrimination-An Obstacle for Women in India ISBN 978-81-8209-219-08
    Consumer Protection International Conference Kalasalingam University ISBN 978-81-90-667197
    Managing Knowledge and Knowledge Worker ISBN 978 938005 961
    E-Goverence International Conference Loyola College ISBN 978-81-70-776254
 2 Mrs.R.N. Lavanya 360° Performance Appraisal - Prospects and Pitfalls ISBN 978-81-909575-2-6
    Women Entrepreneurship - Issues & Policies ISBN 978-81-8209-219-8
    The role of HR in CSR ISBN 978-93-81195-11-6

Competency-A Sustinent HR Tool

ISBN 978-93-81430-42-2
 3 Mrs.S.Chandra Vathana Nila Consumer Attitudes towards advertisement ISBN 978-93-8143042-2
 4 Mrs.S.Nafeesa Human Capital Management as a tool for attrition management ISBN 978-81-909575-2-6
    Women Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship ISBN 978-81-8-8209-8
    Knowledge building -A Tool for Human Capital Management ISBN 978-93-80627-34-2
    Evaluating the role of HR in implementing CSR ISBN 978-93-81195-11-6
    Knowledge capture -A Key for organisational sustenance ISBN 978-93-81430-42-2
    Impact of EI on overall development of knowledge workers ISBN 978-93-81195-17-8
 5 Mrs.R.B.Nagarathinam Marketing approach for selling machinery in cement sector ISBN 978-93-8143042-2
 6 Mrs. D. Lakshmi A Study on the progress of Financial Inclusion in India ISBN 978-93-81430-42-2
    CSR of Banks with special reference to financial Inclusion ISBN 978-93-81195-11-6
    Global Financial Crisis and its implication on Indian Economics ISBN 978-31-906042-2-2
 7 Mrs.R.Priya A Study on entrepreneurship challenges and opportunities: Indian Scenario ISBN 978-93-8143042-2
 8 Mrs. Jeeva Rani.S Mutual Fund - Investors Awareness and Satisfaction ISBN 978-93-8143042-2
9 Mrs. M.Asha Banu Corporate Social Responsibility of MNC's In India ISBN 978-93-8143042-2
 10 Ms. C.Kavitha Innovative Infrastructure financing strategies in  India ISBN 978-93-81208-11-3
    "Implementation of Strategy in a competitive environment" ISBN 978-81-925286-0-1
    "Management of Credit Quality in Banks" ISBN 978-93-81430-42-2
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