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Electronics Lab


Electronics Lab

The Department of Electronics Science provides a well equipped, spacious lab which facilitates the practical knowledge in the students in the areas of Electronics and Microprocessors. It contains various trainer kits, microprocessor & interfacing kits.

The students are offered practical exposure which involves the working of basic electronic components and equipments, designing and testing of various circuits using theorems pertaining to their curriculum. The students are made to test the working of various active devices studied in electron devices course by verifying the characteristics of the devices with reference to specifications given in data sheets. Hands-on training is given in the working of various electronic devices.

The Microprocessor Laboratory aims in inculcating the knowledge of programming skills by executing various programs using the Microprocessor. The laboratory is also used by the students to interface the microprocessor to various peripheral devices to generate waveforms, perform A/D and D/A conversions, Displays, Digital clock.

The lab is used to study various ICs and use them to design circuits to perform Analog and Digital IC experiments, to study the various applications in mathematical operations, filters, oscillators, data converters using Operational Amplifiers and design function and waveform generators. The students also use this lab to perform experiments on different types of combinational and sequential such as adders, subtractor, code converters, comparators, multiplexers, flip-flops, counters, shift registers and sequence detectors are also carried out.