Department of B.SC Hotel and Catering Management


The U,G. program in Hotel and Catering management was established during the academic year 1993 – 1994. B.Sc Hotel and Catering Management is one of the under-graduate courses offered by University of Madras. It is a job-oriented course which deals with four major departments namely Food Production, Food & Beverage Service, Front Office, and Accommodation Operations. A student who studies this course can equip herself professionally in all these major subjects and choose one as her career. The objective of the course is to make the student concentrate on all–round development and inculcate the importance of acquiring multi–skills which is the need of the hospitality industry in this new millennium. The curriculum is designed to meet the current standards of the hospitality industry and various other related avenues. This is one of the courses which gives the student a strong foundation in pursuing their careers with the industry.


Candidate for admission to the first year of B.SC Hotel and catering management degree course shall be required to pass the higher secondary examination conducted by Govt of Tamil Nadu with any discipline such as pure science, computer science, commerce, vocational group and etc.


The duration of the course is three years which includes six semesters with two semesters per year. Each semester has ninety working days followed by examinations at the end of each semester. The odd semesters shall consist of the period from June to November of each year and the even semester from December to April of each year.   


The course also allows the students to pursue their higher education by taking up M.Sc(Catering Science &Hotel Management) M.B.A, M.A Public Administration, M.A Tourism and  M.A HRM.  The budding chefs are well trained in various cuisines like Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Spanish, Thai, Italian, French, German etc. Food and Beverage service professionals are moulded with the service etiquettes competing with the emerging trends of the industry. Accommodation Operation professionals practise the art of Housekeeping, Horticulture, Reservations, Check In and Check Out procedures, Cashiering, Sales and Marketing, Situation Handling etc. The students are exposed to four months Industrial Training in various Star Hotels which is mandatory to improve their skills and knowledge in their field of interest.


Hospitality today is a multi-million dollar global industry with five star hotels, luxury cruise lines, airlines, food courts, theme parks, industrial cafeterias, entrepreneurs and many more catering establishments. After the successful completion of the course, students have wide opportunities to get placements in the above mentioned fields. The students who finish this course can be placed in various star hotels, restaurants, hospitals, welfare sectors, airlines, cruises, railways, tourism, IT Companies and Banks..


UNIVERSITY  RECOGNITION NO:  A1/V/93-94:101 Dated 24th JANUARY 1994