Continuing education is a short term inter-disciplinary course.The total duration of the course is 10 hrs.

The Department of Business Administration & MA (HRM), Mathematics, Commerce, English, Computer Science, Biochemistry, and Microbiology offer various short term courses.

1 Mathematics Quantitative Aptitude & Shortcut in Mathematics
2 Commerce Fundamental of Accounting
3 English Communicative English
4 Computer Science M. S. Office
5 Bio Chemistry /
6 B.B.A &  M.A.(HRM) Leadership Skills



Courses offered in Semester – I

S. No Name of the Department Course offered
1 B.A English English for Competitive Examinations
2. B. Sc Electronics Basics of  Electrical Safety
3. B. Sc Physics Applied Physics in Everyday Life
4. B. Sc Bio-Chemistry &          B. Sc Microbiology Short-term Course in Medical Laboratory Technology
5. B. Sc Psychology Effective Interpersonal Relationship


Courses offered in Semester – II

S. No Name of the Department Course offered
1. B. Com/ B. Com (CS),           B. Com A/F GST
2. B. Sc Computer Science MS – Office
3. B. Sc Computer Application Website Designing
4. B. Sc Hotel and Catering Management Basics in Bakery
5. BBA Quantitative Skills
6. B. Sc Maths General Mental Ability and Reasoning Skills
7. B. Sc Chemistry Nano Chemistry