Academic achievements

Academic proficiency prizes are awarded to students who top the subject papers, in each semester. Over all topper prize is bagged by the student who has the highest percentage in the department, during her period of study.

List of Overall Toppers

Name of the candidate Batch
Ms. P.Indumathi 2010-2012
Ms.B. Karthika 2011-2013
Ms. J.Charanya 2012-2014
Ms. K.E.ThangaSelvi 2013-2015
Ms.K.Kiruthika 2014-2016
Ms.R.Geetha 2015-2017

The Department is proud to have produced University Rank holders.

S.No Name of the candidate Rank Batch
1. Ms. P.Indumathi 2 2010-2012
2. Ms. D. Shalini 10 2010–2012
3. B.Karthika 7 2011-2013
4. K.E.ThangaSelvi 3 2013-2015