About the Course

The P.G. program in Information Technology is designed to provide step-by-step basic and advanced technical knowledge along with hands-on experience useful in computer industry. The course develops computer professionals, with strong fundamental knowledge, understanding of recent development tools used in computer industry, and also creates foundation for future research.
A course in Information Technology imparts up-to-date software knowledge and skills and produces well qualified software engineers in the areas of Information Technology who can bring about qualitative difference in this field.

Any student who has passed any degree with Mathematics as an allied subject can take up the course. The curriculum is designed in such a way that they are taught from the fundamental concepts and proceed towards upcoming trends and latest technological tools used in the field of Information Technology.  In addition to that, this course lays a strong foundation for software development and testing in the form of the fourth semester Industrial project work. The main aim of this course is to
  Gain and explore theoretical and analytical competences for scientific work.
 Acquire skills for developing advanced products and systems in the area of industrial information and communication technology.
  Be able to handle system-oriented analytical methods and tools.

  Develop interdisciplinary thinking, team orientation and presentation skills.

  Understand worldwide operating companies.

Candidates for admission to the first year course of M.Sc.(Information Tehnology) can possess any UG degree with Mathematics as an allied subject.

2 Years.

Academic Progression

Students acquire in-depth technical knowledge and practical programming skills in all disciplines of Information Technology and Computer Science Engineering. Project development and ability to understand and solve industrial problems are other areas of research. Overall topper prize is bagged by the student who has the highest percentage in the department, during her period of study.
M.Sc.(IT) students undergo 4-6 weeks internship during the summer vacation of the first year and submit a report in the beginning of the third semester.  The report will be evaluated in third semester and the marks are forwarded to the university along with third semester internal assessment marks.  This helps the students to meet the industrial demands and face the needs of industries. They also undergo soft skill courses like ‘Language and Communication’, Spoken and Presentation Skills that paves a way for good communication which is a very important needed skill in IT industries.

Career Progression
After successful completion of their course, the  students of M.Sc(IT) can pursue their higher studies in research or they can endeavour for job opportunities. They are well-equipped to work as professionals in the fields of software development, design and implementation.

Date of Commencement / University Recognition Number
22nd July 2010 / A.1/VPK/24/New Courses/2010-11/390 dated 17 June 2010.