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1 V.Savithri Apr. 2010 Quality segmentation technique on Carotid artery IJST, INDIA 0974-6846
2 V.Savithri May. 2010 Edge detection of carotid artery image IJIST, INDIA 0973-3817
3 V.Savithri Aug. 2010 IEEM Programming Procedure for detecting boundary of carotid artery IJCSIS,USA 1947-5500
4 V.Savithri Sep. 2010 A Novel segmentation technique on Carotid artery image IF-1.187 IJCASA, USA 2156-5570
5 V.Savithri Jan. 2011 segmentation of B-Mode and M-Mode images IEEE_ICCMS, Singapore CFP1197F-PRT
6 V. Savithri Sep. 2011 Neuro fuzzy segmentation of Carotid artery IJRRCS, UK 2079-2557
7 V. Savithri Oct. 2011 Elasticity detection of IMT of Carotid artery IJCOT, INDIA 2231-2803
8 V. Savithri Mar. 2012 Segmentation of Medical Imaging, IF: 0.652 CIIT(IIT), INDIA 2244-3291
9 V. Savithri Jan. 2013 Detection of Intima-Media thickness in B-Mode using segmentation methods Springer(Aceepted,  to be published springer online)
10 S.Meenakshi 2014 Enhancing Rural Development In Tamil Nadu Through ICT International journal of computer trends and technology 2231 – 2803
11 S.Meenakshi 2014 Elections and Democracy: Remote E-Voting as a measure to modernise the voting process  IJISAER  2349-9389
12 S.Meenakshi 2015 Interactive E-Governance: Application of ICT in agriculture with special reference to DACNET  IJRCM  2231-1009
13 S.Meenakshi 2015 ICT Applications in Health Care Sector in Tamil Nadu: Implementation and Benefits of PICME and MRMBS  IJAER 0973-4562
14 S.Meenakshi 2016

E-Governance in Elections:Implementation

of efficient decision tree algorithm to predict percentage of E-Voting

IJCSE 2348-8387