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The P.G. department of commerce was established in the year 2009. The course inculcates a high quality education in the area of Finance, Accounting, Banking, Human Resource, Taxation and Computer Applications and Insurance. It provides ‘on-the-job training’ Internship in I year and Academic Research knowledge- project in II year as part of the curriculum. Seminars and conferences at National and International level are organized so as to explore the future prospects in commerce and Industry. Paper presentation, discussion and debate provide a platform to the students to get exposed to wider arena of the society.

The main subject of the study for Master Degree shall consist of core subjects and electives as well as extra disciplinary.

  • Skilled based subjects (Elective) (Soft Skills)
  • Internship training
  • Project plus viva-voce

Duration of the course is for two years, two academic years consisting of four semesters. Each academic year shall be divided into two semesters. The first academic year shall comprise first and second semesters and the second academic year the third and fourth semester respectively.

The odd semesters shall consist of the period from June to November of each year and the even semesters from December to April of each year. There shall be not less than 90 working days for each semester. A candidate shall be eligible for the award of the degree only if he/she has undergone the prescribed course of study in a college affiliated to the University for a period of not less than two academic years, passed the examination of all the four semesters prescribed earning 90/91 credits and fulfilled such conditions as have been prescribed thereof. The candidates after obtaining Master Degree are eligible for,

  • M.Phil.,
  • Ph.D.,

The job opportunities are abundant in commercial enterprises, software companies and banks in the areas of Accounts, Marketing and Advertisement. Knowledge of SAP is an additional benefit. Good career prospects also exist in the academic profession.

Date of Commencement of the Course

24th June 2009.

University Recognition no.

A1/VPK/16/New Courses/2009-2010/838


The MA English Literature was startrd in the year 2013 with a few takers from the year 2014 the students developed avid interest by looking at the syllabus. The strength increased rapidly to 29. The Department brought a Magazine "IMPRINTS 2015 and 2016" , which comprises of Poems, Articles bu Staff and Students. The Department frequently make the Students to particioate in the Inter and Intra College competitions and makes them to bring laurels to the Department.


The Department of English held the inauguration of the Literary Club ‘Zenlitt’ on 30th September, 2014 in the College premises. Dr. V. Ganesan, Associate Professor, Department of English, AM Jain College, inaugurated the Literary Club and delivered the Lecture on “Post-Colonial Literature in English”. The Department took great interest in the inauguration of the Book Club. Dr. V. Meena Kumari, Associate Professor, Department of English, Anna Adarsh College For Women, inaugurated the Book Club and delivered a Lecture on ‘Journalism’, which was held in the month of February, 2015.

On 2nd, September, 2015, Mr. Sundar Ganesh, Director, Roja Muthiah Library, inaugurated the Club and delivered a Lecture on ‘Significance of Books’.


I Year / I Semester Major - I Com 201 Advanced Corporate Accounting and Accounting Standards 4
- Major - II Com 203 Financial Management 4
- Major - III Com 205 Advanced Marketing 4
- Major - IV Com 207 Advanced Management Theory 4
- Major - V Com 209 Managerial Economics 4
- Soft Skills - 3
I Year / II Semester Core-6 Com 202 Advanced Cost and Management Accounting 4
- Core-7 Com 204 Quantitative Techniques for Business Decisions 4
- Core-8 Com 206 Services Marketing 4
- Elective - I Com 223 Labour legislation 4
- Elective - II Com 218 International Trade and Foreign Exchange 3
- Soft Skills - 3
II Year / III Semester Core 11 Com 210 Research Methodology 4
- Core 12 English Language and Linguistics 4
- Core 13 Com 215 Fundamentals of Information Technology 4
- Elective - III Strategic Management 3
- Elective - IV Banking Management 3
- Elective - V Financial Market & Services 3
II Year / IV Semester Core 17 Com 217 Management Information Systems 4
- Core 18 Com 229 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Theory 3
- Elective –VI Marketing Research & Consumer Behaviour 3
- Elective - VII Organisational Behaviour 3
- Soft Skills - 3


Name: Dr.K.R.Dhanalakshmi

Qualification: M.Com,M.Phil, Ph.D,SET, MBA,Ph.D

Designation: Principal & Associate Professor

Area of Interest: Entrepreneurial development, Organisational

Name: DR.S. Chandra Vathana Nila

Qualification: M.Com,M.Phil,

Designation: Associate Professor

Area of Interest: Marketing, Financial Management

Name: Ms. S. Loganayagi

Qualification: M.Com., M.Phil.,

Designation: Assistant Professor

Area of Interest: Accounting and

Name: Dr. C. Lavanya

Qualification: M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.

Designation: Assistant Professor

Area of Interest: Business Economics, Indian Economics, Managerial Economics

Name: Mrs .K.Muthulakshmi

Qualification: M.Com, M.Phil, NET, SET

Designation: Assistant professor

Area of Interest: Entrepreneurial development, Business Statistics and Operations Research


R. Padmajavalli

March 2006 - Book Review on ‘FedEx Delivers’ - Best Books


R. Padmajavalli

January 2007 - Magazine Article -Globalization and its impact on outsourcing - Global CEO

June 2007- Book Review on Trump University Marketing 101- How to use the Most Powerful Ideas in Marketing to get more Customers - Marketing Mastermind, ICFAI University Press, Hyderabad


R.Padmajavalli,C.P.Sumathi and T.Santhanam

2010 - Automatic Recommendation of Web Pages in Web Usage Mining - International Journal’ on Computer science and Engineering, 2(9); pg 3046-3052 - ISSN: 0975-3397

2010 - An Application of Session Based Clustering to Analyze web Pages of User Interest From Web Log Files , 2010 ISSN 1549-3636. - Journal of Computer science’, 6(7); pg 785-793 - ISSN 1549-3636.


R.Padmajavalli,C.P.Sumathi and T.Santhanam - 2011 - An Overview of Preprocessing of Web Log Files for Web Usage Mining - Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology, 34(2) - ISSN:1992-8645.

R.Padmajavalli,C.P.Sumathi and T.Santhanam - 2011 - Evaluation of Recommended Web Pages Obtained Using a Novel Approach - European Journal of Scientific Research - ISSN:1450-216X.

R.Ramya,V.Vidya Priya- 2013 - Fangled Greedy Approach for Protein Pattern Matching - International Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research - ISSN:2229-5518


R. Padmajavalli

December 2006 - Presented a paper in IEEE International Conference on Digital Information Management (ICDIM) - An Overview of Data Preprocessing in Data and Web Usage Mining - Christ College, Bangalore - 1-4244-0682-X


R. Padmajavalli

February 2010 - Presented a paper in the International Conference on Mathematics and Computer Science (ICMS 2010) - Survey of Clustering Algorithms Applied in Web Usage Mining - Loyola College, Chennai - 978-81-908234-2-5

Academic Year : 2012-2013

J.Lakshmi - March 2012 - Presented a paper in the National Conference - Cyber Security - Bhaktavatsalam Memorial College for Women, Chennai - 978-93-81430-42-2

J.Chitra - Feb 2012 - National seminar on contemporary progress in CyberSpace - Paper presented on Voice Morphing - Fathima College Madurai

J.Lakshmi- March 2013 - Presented a paper in the State Level Conference - MOBILE WIRELESS NETWORK ROUTING PROTOCOLS – A REVIEW - VALLIAMMAL COLLEGE FOR WOMEN, Chennai - 978-93-81430-95-8

Academic Year: 2015-2016

Ms.J.Lakshmi - 10 &11thMarch 2016 - International conference(IEEE) - “Design of Poisson Distribution Based Energy-Efficient Protocol(PB-EEP) in Wireless Sensor Networks" - Saveetha Engineering college

Ms.H.Selvi- 10& 11thmarch 2016 - International conference(IEEE) - "A review on Artificial Neural Network for detecting learning disabilities children” – Saveetha Engineering college

The laboratory experiences provide opportunities for students to interact directly with the material world using innovative instruments and technologies. The course mainly aims on an intensive introduction about the techniques of theoretical and experimental chemistry to the students. The chemistry lab is well equipped with latest version of instruments like digital conductivity meter, digital potentiometer, centrifuge machine, hot air oven, suction pump, Kipp’s apparatus, electronic and chemical balances, hot air oven and muffle furnace. The lab is highly ventilated and can accommodate 45 students. Students are given complete training on handling various apparatus and glasswares. Theoretical sessions are arranged for the students in preparing chemical solutions and handling of hazardous chemicals which will facilitate student’s research career in their higher studies. Students from other domains are also given hands on training in the chemistry lab as a part of interdisciplinary course offered by the institution.

Lab Technician

Name: Ms V. Rajeswari

Qualification: B.Sc., B.Ed

Designation: Lab Technician

Area of Interest: Technical

Academic Achievements

Academic Proficiency or Overall Topper prize is awarded to the student who has secured the highest percentage in the University Examinations in the department during her period of study.

Name of the candidate: E.Vidhya

Batch: 2010 - 2012

Name of the candidate: E.Seema Karthika

Batch: 2009 -2011

Name of the candidate: D. Mythili

Batch: 2011-2013

Name of the candidate: S.Muthu maheswari

Batch: 2012-2014

Name of the candidate: S.Uma

Batch: 2013-2015


The Department of Chemistry organized a Workshop on 26th February regarding “FOOD ADULTERATION”. The students demonstrated and explained how to test the adulterants in some food items. II and III B.Sc., Chemistry students were visited CIPET, GUNIDY for “Industrial Visit” on 2nd August 2016. The Department of Chemistry organized a Workshop on 5th October 2016 regarding “MICROSCALE ANALYSIS OF ORGANIC COMPOUNDS”.

S. No Name of the Staff Year Geographic Level (National/ International) Title Institution
1. Dr. N.S. Sangeetha 16th April 2012 National National SEMINAR on advances in sensors and applications VIT, CHENNAI
2. Dr. N.S. Sangeetha 11th September 2012 International Indo – German international seminar on electrochemistry of solid materials and solid NMR of Nano crystallites. University of madras, Chennai.
3. Dr. N.S. Sangeetha 25th February 2013 National Workshop on chromatographic techniques University of Madras, Chennai.
4. Dr. N.S. Sangeetha 30th & 31st August 2013 National National Seminar on chromatographic techniques University of Madras, Chennai.
5. Dr. N.S. Sangeetha 3rd March 2017 National National seminar on recent analytical techniques in research areas of chemistry Saveetha Engineering College, Chennai.
6. Dr. N.S. Sangeetha 14th & 15th March 2017 National National conference on advances in biotechnology and health science. Dr.MGR Educational and Research institute university, Chennai.
7. Dr. N.S. Sangeetha 21st April 2018 National National Seminar on Research and Innovations in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Saveetha Engineering College, Chennai.
8. Dr. C. Chandrakala 9th to 11th August 2018 National Green Approach to Chemistry Experiments Loyola College, Chennai
9. Dr. C. Chandrakala 22nd February, 2017 International Models and Methods in Bioinorganic Chemistry” (MMBIC) Loyola College, Chennai