A pass in the B. Sc degree examination in branch-III Physics main with Mathematics as one of the ancillary subjects or B. Sc Applied Science of  the University of Madras with Mathematics as one of the ancillary subjects or  examination of some other University accepted by the Syndicate as equivalent degree. 


The duration of the courses is for two years consisting of four semesters. 


Physics is an important field of science, with much research taking place all around the world. Physics is a valuable asset to everyone. Many companies are actively seeking young people with physics backgrounds. All physicists, whether you have a bachelors degree, a Masters degree or a PhD, are valuable and needed.

Having a Master of Science (M. Sc) in Physics tells a prospective employer that you are able to learn the special skills required in a particular job, and that you can analyze and solve problems by yourself. People with this degree have taken jobs as research assistants or technicians with companies like Xerox, Nortel, and many others. A physics degree can also be used as a stepping stone to further training and careers in teaching, meteorology, engineering, law, medicine, and the health sciences.


University recognition no