About the course

The U.G. program in Physics with Computer Applications came into existence during the academic year 2012-2013. The aim of the course is to develop the students’ comprehensive ability of using physics and computer applications

Eligibility criteria

Candidates for admission to the first year of the Degree of Bachelor of Science course in PHYSICS WITH COMPUTER APPLICATIONS shall be required to have passed the Higher Secondary Examinations (Academic or Vocational Stream) conducted by the Government of Tamil Nadu or an Examination accepted as equivalent thereof by the Syndicate of the University of Madras with Mathematics/Physics as a subject of study.

Duration of the course

The duration of the course is three years which includes six semesters with two semesters per year. Each semester has ninety working days followed by examinations at the end of each semester. The odd semesters shall consist of the period from June to November of each year and the even semester from December to April of each year.   

Academic progression

The Department of Physics follows the syllabus framed by the University of Madras. It gives an insight into the fundamental concepts in Physics with basic electronics, numerical mathematics and computer science. The course provides a platform for the students to acquire knowledge in both the areas: physics and computer applications.


After the successful completion of the course students have the wide opportunities to get placements in IT departments , labs, Research centers, Teaching profession etc. Moreover it opens two vertical channels for the growth of the student M.Sc (physics) and  M.Sc (computer science) or MCA.

Students are exposed to interdisciplinary problems and encouraged to develop leadership skills.  It is proud that the graduates are highly rated by employers from industry in the private and public sectors.


A1/FFJ/Affl.Fees/2012 -2013/748. Dated: 04.06.2012.