The women cell organized a programme on Friday 18th November 2016 in our college premises on the topic “CANCER AWARENESS”. The Guest speaker of the programme was Sister. AROCKIA MARY, Social Activist from


  • To spread awareness among staff about maintaining healthy life.
  •  To educate and raise awareness about breast cancer and uterus cancer
    among women in society.
  • To discuss their problems with Doctors without any hesitation.
  • To develop assertiveness, optimism to deal with their day-today
  • Empowering staff members to face future challenges.

The welcome address was given by Dr. T.Siva Sundareswari, Head, TamilDept. , followed by a special speech by the Principal Dr. C.N.Easwari. The principal spoke on cancer awareness among women which is a worldwide
phenomenon but yet still a hidden problem . She also addressed that every form of cancer threatens all women and limits their abilities to make choices about their own lives. She pointed out that breast cancer is particularly
insidious because cancer acts are ordinarily and rightly a source of pleasure and communication. She exclaimed that it was unclear to a woman who had been victimized and also to the society as a whole, whether a cancer
awareness was done.

The chief Guest of the programme was a member of “PENN NALAM” Sister AROCKIA MARY, a social activist. In her key note address, she explained about breast cancer in a simple manner and told that cancer was not a contagious
one and is curable if detected early. She pointed out various facts about cancer. She explained as how to Check up Breast Health by Self Examination in simple 3 steps.

  • She clearly spoke about the warning signs of Breast Cancer. Further She revealed the fact that 80% of breast lumps were not cancerous and moreover only one out of ten of any breast lumps might prove to be
  • She also gave tips about the symptoms of cervical cancer and appropriate screening test for that. She advised to get any girl child more than 9years to be vaccinated with HPV (approved by FDA, USA) and before marriage to protect them from cervical cancer.
  • Her speech mainly focused on the role of women in the society and how women are valued by the society.
  • The programme was concluded with the Vote of Thanks proposed by Mrs.R.Sharmadha, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Tamil.


The women cell organized a programme on 25th November 2016, Friday in our college premises on the topic “ JOINT RUBELLA AWARENESS PROGRAMME”. The Guest Speaker of the programme was DR.Yalini From IWC
(Inner Wheel Club).


To spread awareness about Joint Rubella among students.

To educate and raise awareness about Joint Rubella vaccination among women in society.

To discuss the problems faced by women with Doctors without any hesitation.

The programme was started with the heartily welcome of the chief guest by our principal Dr.C.N.Eswari. The welcome speech was given by Selvi G.Indhraja, IIIrd year B.Sc.(Maths) student of our college.

The chief Guest Dr. Yalini in her key address, started explaining how Rubella Affects all irrespective of gender. She also told that if Rubella affects a Pregnant woman, the foetus is affected and the child can be born with any of the
birth defects like deafness, blindness, Retardation etc.

She also pointed out the symptoms of Rubella and advised to immunize the girl child to prevent being affected by Rubella. She elaborately spoke about the details of vaccination and also who are all not to be vaccinated. All her spoken words were exhibited with the help of a neat powerpoint presentation.

The special project co-ordinator Ms. ARASI PONMOZHI taken over the next session with her valuable information regarding “JOINT RUBELLA”, Measles.

The Asst. Professors and the students of the college made the session more interactive by raising questions and got cleared all the doubts The programme was again made more interesting with the special speech of Ms. Sahira Banu, the president of Cosmos Inner Wheel Club.

She gave valuable ideas and options to avoid Rubella. In her speech, she told that the girls should not get pregnant after vaccination for about 8 weeks compulsorily.

The programme was concluded with the vote of thanks given by Ms.
E.T.Subashri, IIIrd year B.Sc.


Women Cell arranged a programme on Handicraft Training for our college students on 30/11/2016 at Women’s Club of Balaji Nagar, Korattur, Chennai .

The President of Women’s club Mrs. Saraswathi welcomed the students and explained the facts and advantages of Handicraft work. Further she pointed out the good habits of self discipline, Mind Control. She explained
how to develop one’s own innovative skills , Caring for others, giving the selfmade handicraft things as gift to others. Moreover, she spoke about how to invest a little and reap a good profit.

The member of the women’s club Ms. S.Revathi gave training to the students about the different kinds of embroidery work. Students also interestingly participated and practiced the work. Next, by using waste materials, Training on the preparation of several items like penstand, Parrot Cage, Flower Vase, Peacock, Vinayagar Mala,
bouquet was given.

The programme helped the students to gain knowledge about handicraft work. Finally the women cell convenor Dr.T.Siva Sundareswari thanked the women’s club and the students for making the programme a success.


A highly informative program on oral hygiene, ‘Oral Healthcare for a Healthier You’,was conducted on 28thSeptember 2018 at the auditorium. The session which started at 10 a. m, lasted till 11.30 a. m, wrapping up the awareness program series which was being organized by the Women Cell of Bhaktavatsalam Memorial College for Women, for the current semester.The chief guest of the day was Dr. Anuradha Ganesan, Professor and Head, Department of Oral medicine and Radiology, Madha Dental College and Hospital, Chennai. The program was attended by the students and faculties from all the departments.

The session started with the prayer rendered by L. Madhumitha and R. Suprajaof III B.A English, and Sangeetha. S of II B.A English. Following the prayer, the welcome address was delivered by the respected madam Principal, Mrs. C.N Eswari. She briefed about the need of oral healthcare which is often neglected in our lives and also introduced the chief guest to the audience. After the address, the chief guest was honoured with a shawl by the Principal.

This was followed by the awareness talk on dental hygiene and care by the chief guest, Dr. Anuradha Ganesan. Various aspects of dental care; starting from the basic methods of dental cleaning, to the misconceptions regarding oral hygiene and also, the latest technological advancements in the field of dentistry were lucidly explained by the doctor. She also highlighted the often overlooked fact that the dental hygiene were very much connected with our overall health.The talk was accompanied by visual aids which greatly helped the audience to grasp the technicalities involved in dentistry.

Dr. Anuradha further elaborated the mutual dependency of the oral hygiene and physical and mental well being, especially for a woman whose hormones are impacted by the quality of her oral health. She concluded the talk by reminding everyone the golden rule that prevention is better than cure and also to visit the dentist at least annually.

Post her talk, an interactive session was held where the students raised their doubts regarding topics such as choosing the right tooth paste and tooth brush, root canaling and the various dental problems for which one must approach a dentist. Dr. Anuradha interacted with the students more as a teacher than a dentist and provided clear and patient responses to all the queries. At the end of the session, she also thanked the students for their vibrant participation.

Following this, the formal vote of thanks was proposed by Mrs. U. Preethi, Assistant Professor and Head of the Department of English and the convener of the Women Cell. She conveyed her heartfelt gratitude to the chief guest for finding time off her busy schedule to interact with the students. She also placed on record her thanks to the college authorities, her team and the technicians for the successful execution of the program. The program ended with the national anthem rendered by the students.

The session, ‘Oral Healthcare for a Healthier You’ was without a doubt an interesting and interactive awareness program. It provided both the students and the teachers with a comprehensive overview of the dental care and hygiene, and the key points to observe for a better and healthier life.