About The Department

The PG department of Biochemistry commenced during the academic year 2010- 2011. The PG lab is highly equipped with an infrastructure to meet out the students’ requirements. The department also provides sufficient recommended & reference books and journals for the students to update the recent developments in the field of Biochemistry.


A Bachelor’s Degree in science with Biochemistry, Chemistry, Microbiology, Life Sciences, Nutrition and Dietetics as their Main Subject of this University or any other Qualification accepted as equivalent thereof are eligible for admission to M.Sc. Degree Course.


The course duration is about two years which includes four semesters with two semesters per year. Each semester has ninety working days followed by examinations at the end of each semester.


The current field of life science is undergoing a tremendous lift in the areas of research.To bring in to focus the current trends to the students, they are provided hands on training in the enzyme assays, sub-cellular fractionation & assaying the markers, Nucleic acid isolation & assay, food analysis, clinical biochemistry & biochemical techniques. The students also carry out a mini project which will increase their interest towards research. The students are also educated in the subjects such as Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, Immunology and Medical Biochemistry so as to impart them with the current trends carried out in this field.


Biochemistry is an excellent training for careers in research, medicine, and the biotechnology industry. Some of the more common career paths of our students include Medical Professional – A Biochemistry degree is an excellent preparation for entry into Medical education (MD) programs, Undergraduate dentistry programs, Ph.D programmes, Research in academic and industrial lab environments, biotechnology industries. Many excellent career options exist within the biotech industries that do not directly involve research such as Product marketing and development technical support and sales. Biochemistry combined with other fields can create very unique and desired skill sets as follows
Journalism for scientific writing: grants, media relations, news, technical
Business Training (MBA) specializing in Biotechnology
Law degrees specializing in patent law
Education programs for teaching
Computer sciences for the bioinformatics field

University recognition no.-- A1/VPK/24/New courses/ 2010-11/390 letter dt 17.06.2010


Year / Semester Category Title of the paper Credits
I year – I Semester Core- 1 Biomolecules 4
  Core- 2 Biochemical Techniques 4
  Core - 3 Physiology & Cell Biology 4
  Elective paper - 1  Microbiology 3
  Soft Skill- I   2
Iyear – II Semester Core- 4 Enzymes and Enzyme Technology 4
  Core- 5 Intermediary Metabolism I 4
  Core- 6 Intermediary Metabolism II 4
  Core- 7 Practical I 3
  Core- 8 Practical II 3
  Elective- 2 Energy and Drug Metabolism 3


disciplinary - 1

Essentials of Biochemistry 3
  Soft Skill- II   2
  * Internship   2
IIyear – III Semester Core- 9 Biotechnology 4
  Core- 10 Clinical Biochemistry- I 4
  Core- 11 Molecular Biology 4
  Elective - 3 Biostatistics 3


Disciplinary - 2

Life style - diseases Preventive aspects 3
  Soft Skill- III   2
IIyear- IV Semester Core- 12 Hormones 4
  Core- 13 Clinical Biochemistry - II 4
  Core - 14 Practical - III 4
  Core- 15 Project & viva 3
  Elective- 4 Signal Transduction 3
   Elective - 5 Immunochemistry 3
  Soft Skill- IV   2

*Internship will be carried out during the summer vacation of the first year.

Name Qualification Designation Area of Interest
Mrs. S. MANGAI M.Sc., M.Phil., SLET., (Ph.D.) Associate Professor & Head  Cell & Molecular Biology
Ms. S. SUGANTHI  M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph,D. Associate Professor  Diabetes Mellites
Ms.R. SHUNMUGAVADIVU  M.Sc.,M.Phil.,(Ph.D.)  Assistant Professor  Molecular Biology
Mrs. R. RAJITHA   M.Sc., M.Phil.,SET Assistant Professor  Immunochemistry
Dr. K. MAHALAKSHMI  M.Sc.M.Phil., Ph.D., SET  Assistant Professor  Pharmacology & Toxicology
Dr.K.J.UMADEVI  M.Sc.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.,  Assistant Professor  Hormonal Chemistry,Oncology
Mrs.D.RAMYA  M.Sc.,M.Phil.,  Assistant Professor Biomolecules
Academic proficiency prizes are awarded to students who top the subject papers, in each semester. Over all topper prize is bagged by the student who has the highest percentage in the department during her period of study.

S.No Name of the candidate Rank Batch
1. S. Saraswathy VI 2010 - 2012
2. M. Gowri(PG) - 2011-2013

The Department is proud to have produced University Rank holders.

Name Qualification Designation Area of Interest
 Mrs. L. Lalitha B.Sc., DMLT Lab Instructor Technical