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Hotel & Catering Management Lab

The department of Hotel & Catering Management has a good infrastructure of Lab to impart adequate training to students in the areas of their interest. The department is equipped with the following:

  • Well designed Restaurants
  • Basic Training Kitchen
  • Advanced Training Kitchen
  • Quantity Training Kitchen
  • Housekeeping Lab
  • Front Office Lab

Basic Training Kitchen: The students are introduced to the basic principles of cookery and are trained to cook food for 4 portions. The students of the first year degree are trained in this kitchen and generally the cuisine taught is Continental.

Quantity Training Kitchen: The students of the Second year degree are trained in this kitchen. It is here that the students are taught to prepare food in bulk quantities. The cuisine is commonly Indian, though it does concentrate on other global cuisines as well.

Advance Training Kitchen: The students of the final year work in this kitchen. The advanced level in cookery is taught and practiced here. Cuisines like Mexican, Chinese, Thai, and Mediterranean are prepared and skills like Vegetable carving, Garnishes, etc are imparted to the students.

Food & Beverage Service: The Restaurant is used to train the first, second and third year students about the various service activities and methods. The students are imparted the fundamentals of various restaurant services in the first year and in the second year they are taught about alcoholic beverages and their proper service. In the final year they are instructed on how to manage the restaurant operations.

Front Office: In this department students are taught to organize, perform and evaluate the front office functions that are critical to the success of a hotel and trained to handle the diverse procedures of front office operations and management.

Accommodation Operations: The Department has a Guest room to train the students in the art of bed making and room cleaning. This department also has a practical lab for the students to learn flower arrangements and other housekeeping activities.