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Vision & Mission


Imparting knowledge to empower students to be successful in the increasingly diverse and ever-changing world. Our main aim is to impart education to the economically backward girls who will be the agents of social transformation as this is essential for the stability and prosperity of the nation.


To provide excellent educational opportunities that cater to the needs of the community and mould students to meet economic, social and environmental challenges to actively participate in Nation building. Our college strives towards the excellence of education in all ways to reach out to the deserving girls of the remote villages.


  • To improve the communication skills

  • To develop the personal traits like courage and values

  • To guide the students in career planning, résumé writing and interview preparation

  • To assess students learning outcomes in critical thinking and quantitative reasoning

  • To organize on and off campus interviews

  • To bring out the hidden talents of our students

  • To help in maintaining a proper record of the credentials